IKG technology supports customers and partners based on mandatory regulations and procedural standards resulting from the best practice, experience of world-class experts, and most importantly, with consideration of financial institutions.


In the confines of compliance policy, particular emphasis is placed on the following areas:



  • fighting money laundering and financial terrorism
  • proper handling of confidential information
  • personal data protection
  • supervision over legal compliance of brokerage and trust fund activity
  • avoiding conflicts of interest
  • compliance to principles of granting and receiving gifts by management and bank employees
  • standardizing and transparency of “promotional training” in corporations and other selected institutions concerning standards of practices in the subject scope
  • verification of legal compliance in the scope of outsourcing contracts concluded by businesses
  • duty to publish and notify supervisory bodies required by law of reports about events related to business activity in this bank
  • advice for bank organizational units in the scope of applying newly introduced and mandatory regulations as well as market standards.


NIP: 701-070-22-79
REGON: 367683693

BANK: Credit Agricole
58 1940 1076 3183 0003 0000 0000


Privacy policy

Our thanks and appreciation for your interest in our company and corporate website. Protecting your personal data when you visit our website is very important for us. We treat all aspects of data protection very seriously, including the collection, transfer, processing and use of your personal data during your visits to our corporate website.

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