Jacek Ołdak

IKG Technology sp. z o.o. – engineer Jacek Ołdak

Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics and Electrical Technology of ATR in Bydgoszcz,  now Kazimierz Wielki University. He earned a degree in Industrial Electrical Technology.

His work experience includes construction of IT installations carried out in conjunction with many projects and investments in Poland and abroad for clients such as Siemens Sp z o.o., Sygnity S.A., Qumak S.A., Muntzberger and Partner, MDC Control GmbH.

He is an owner of many certificates entitling him to carry out supervision, construction and testing of copper and fibre-optic networks as well as customized electric and fibre-optic networks.

The certificates were issued by the following companies: Reichle & De-Massari, AMP(Tyco), Siemens, ADC Krone, Schrack, Brand-Rex.

Additionally, he has completed training in protection of classified information and he granted the certificate in this area.

Tomasz Goworowski

Electronic Technician, Head of the Construction and Supervision Department.

Since 1998 he has carried out complex projects involving all aspects of structural cabling and computer networks -both copper and fibre-optic and telephone exchanges. Owner of TOMEL– now a part of IKG Technology.

He gained professional experience during many projects implemented in Poland and abroad for clients such as:  Siemens Enterprise Communications Sp. z o.o., UNIFY  Sp. z o.o., SPRINT S.A., QUMAK S.A., WS Montage GmbH, GLT, MDC Control GmbH.

His certificates authorise him to build and perform measures for copper and fibre-optic networks issued by the following manufacturers: Richle & De-Massari Polska Sp. z o.o. AMP(tyco), Siemens, Schrack, OPTOMER.

He works as a volunteer in the Society for the Care of the Blind in Laski as caretaker of the telecom installations.


NIP: 701-070-22-79
REGON: 367683693

BANK: Credit Agricole
58 1940 1076 3183 0003 0000 0000


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