Our Team created a project under the name of BodyMody. What’s the idea behind it? BodyMody is a project in which we will touch upon topics related to the human body – tattoos, other body modifications, cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, neurology, psychology, health and wellness. We do, however, set a rigid boundary between the various branches. No mishmashing. We give the necessary space to everyone, as everyone is unique for the BodyMody. Our main idea is to show body art in an innovative way, adapted to today’s world, also through the intellectual scope The BodyMody project is a result of over two years of our Team’s work. The main theme that we’ll tackle first is the result of social research carried out by the members of our Team working in the fields of sociology and psychology. The project will be developed constantly and will surprise time and again.

On 3-5 April 2020, together with Arena Gliwice, we are organizing the Arena Tattoo-Gliwice event. It won’t be just another tattoo event that you know so far. Our concept is completely different, we go above and beyond the common patterns. We will manage the space of Arena Gliwice with stands of the following branches: Tattoo & piercing, automotive, fashion, street art, cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, health and wellness. We are also planning something that has never been anywhere else before – the 18+ zone, where we will show art and products only for adults.

We will be waiting for you with a multitude of unusual combinations of amusements. There will be a pin-up/retro/vintage zone, but also a gallery of classical art – paintings made traditionally or created through alternative techniques and means. We will introduce you to outstanding Polish artists, whom we have been supporting for years. With BodyMody everyone will find something fitting his interests: we offer tattoos and body modifications, contemporary art (aerography, body painting, graffiti, murals), gaming zone, board games, concerts, burlesque shows, pole dance and shows of alternative models There will be stands of barber shops and motorcycles exhibitions. We will break the taboo through the means of specialized lectures and workshops, conducted in a factual but also controversial way that will allow us to build awareness of the human body.

In all this “commotion” we are not forgetting about an incredibly important social factor – supporting those who need it most. We will organize an additional paid lecture where entirety of the income will be donated to charity. A lecture different from any other, on the subject we deal with professionally and by vocation on a daily basis – digital transformation. Do you know what your workplace will look like in the very near future? Will it even exist? What can you do for yourself and your company today?

We will invite you to the carefully managed space of Arena Gliwice, where you will find the following zones: tattoo and body modification, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in addition to strictly medical zones in the fields of psychology, neurology and dermatology. Each zone will bring together the leading representatives of the businesses – companies, artists and doctors – specialists in their profession. Additionally, we will have conference rooms for our mutual disposal in which we will organize thematic lectures and workshops. Furthermore, for some of the exhibitors cooperating with us we have provided VIP boxes. After the event we are planning an afterparty for you in one of Gliwice dance clubs

That’s just a part of what we’re planning. We can’t tell you everything just yet, but stay tuned! Visit our edutainment channel on Youtube “BodyMody” which will provide you with substantive information, but also learn about further plans for Expo Follow, subscribe, comment and ask! Pick up our gauntlet and let’s debate each other It’s beautiful to differ, especially in science. Jointly prepared, innovative, unprecedented projects are already underway, with representatives of institutions such as the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. We touch upon topics that were most interesting to you and inspired us towards research It’s about pain, everything that relates to the skin and its modifications

Don’t pigeonhole us – we don’t focus just on tattoos, but on people, their bodies and their various modifications, as well as health and psychological sciences. We want to show diversity in terms of looking at the human body, its decoration, uniqueness, trends. At the same time, we do not forget about safety, hygiene and the consequences of ill-considered decisions. Who will this event be for? We give space to all social groups, people of all ages The variety of the planned zones full of attractions guarantees that everyone will find something for themselves

The manager of the whole pandemonium is our audacious Chairman of IKG Technology, Dr. Kamil Galicki alias “Butcher” under the watchful eye of his associate – Vice Chairman of IKG Technology Joanna Bańkowska.

The Team consists of following people, who live and breathe the BodyMody project and firmly believe in it

  1. Gabriela Gawlik – Project Manager.
  2. Mec. Atty. Ewelina Wilczyńska – lawyer and perfectionist, editor and negotiator of every contract.

  3. Grzegorz Fiks (DiAnti) – the chief musician, graphic design support and one of the faces of the Body Mody channel.

  4. Kacper Derewońko – Project Manager.

  5. Krzysztof Gonet (Domenafirmy Sp. z.o.o. [Ltd.]) – webmaster, graphic designer, video operator, postproduction specialist.

  6. Paweł Gajowiak – Artist Coordinator.

  7. Tomasz Podstawka – Technical Coordinator.

  8. Aleksander Kostiuk – IT specialist, postproduction coordinator

  9. Krzysztof Bańkowski – Game Development.

  10. Anna Ali Sakr – First Class Girl.